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Michael Bell paints and writes.

Michael Bell went to the Amazon twice as a child. He swam in tributaries both times. The first time in Ecuador, when he was 13, he tried catch a psychedelic frog and lick it but was unsuccessful. It’s probably for the best. The second time, in Peru, he left a piece of his soul in the dense forest.

He yearns to return to the rainforest to both retrieve part of his soul, and again swim with the prihranas.

He left a large, indefinite part of his soul in Sa Pa, Viet Nam, when he was 17. He will return one day but has no plans on reclaiming this bit of his soul.

He believes this is where it belongs, and perhaps one day, long in the future, he will return to the terraced rice paddies between the layers of clouds.

He left another part of his soul in 2012 in Berlin, which he retrieved with help from his wife in 2016. Then he left it in Florence to do some learning.

No word on whether it has successfully learned anything.

He puts a decent amount of his work on this website for you to enjoy. He also wrote SlogAM as well as other things at The Stranger and you can find that here.

He believes any more information here would be far too much. Trust your instincts!

Michael’s work, on display at Caffe Vita in Fremont, Seattle.

Michael’s work, on display at Caffe Vita in Fremont, Seattle.

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